"One of the most effective apps to learn english"

App review March 2014

about the app

Flamilingo now offers you the opportunity to learn English at your own pace and in your own time. No more boring books but entertaining and interactive courses on your mobile or tablet device keep you motivated to improve your language skills. Flamilingo uses a proven teaching methodology used by a.o. Government organizations to give language courses to non-native speakers. Every course consists of various levels and different interactive exercises.

Finally a fun way to learn English!

No more
boring books!

Study at your
own pace


Mohammed Fazid

"I can really recommend this language course to anyone wanting to learn English; the courses are entertaining, fun to do and the app is simple to understand."

"I learned English with Flamilingo while sitting in the bus, waiting for the dentist, or relaxed at home; mobile learning with Flamilingo is fun, convenient and effective!"

Sara Molinoz

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